With over 20 years of Management experience and working with the likes of Kisschasy, Stealing O’Neal, Howl, Small Mercies, Valerie, GodWolf, and more, Melodic has worked with artists from the early stages of forming and finding their sound, right through to artists touring nationally and releasing albums through major labels. Melodic is able to navigate all facets of the artist/band management industry.

Recording Studios

Melodic features two studio spaces located in the heart of Prahran with experienced producers and song-writers to get the best result out of any artist. Recording on site with the same team who handle release and artist promotions ensures that all music is produced to a level and quality ready for commercial release.


Melodic offers advice services for independent artists to ensure the best results when releasing music, recording, making music videos/photos/artwork, booking shows, talking to third party companies, creating a branding or social media strategy, budgeting, and more.

Asset Creation

Melodic has a team of mixing and mastering engineers, designers, photographers, video directors/editors, press release writers, and more to ensure that all components of an artist’s release meet the highest industry standard.

Independent release assistance

 For unsigned artists, Melodic offers services in digital distribution and promotion to media (radio, TV, blogs, magazines, etc.) and third-party companies (record labels, publishers, booking agents) to assist artists in managing their own releases and retaining all their rights.


Melodic has a number of connections with synchronisation companies around the world, allowing artists a direct opportunity to have their recordings placed in film, TV, ads, and more.